Mobility Summit | TBD | New York, NY, USA



Mobility and the Internet of Things

Keynote Presentation - 8:10 am - 8:50 am

In many ways mobile devices are the original IoT device since they offer both the ability to capture sensory information (through accelerometers and GPS trackers) while providing always on, always available connectedness. And while “true” IoT is more focused on low power, low complexity devices feeding information to centralized aggregators, and executing commands based on feedback from those aggregators, existing mobile devices will continue to have a significant role to play by acting as localized personalized aggregators and information conduits keyed to the needs and wants of specific individuals. These devices can become the storing house of information collected from us (such as health information) and about us (such as personnel preferences), and the tool that acts as the conduit of all outbound and inbound communications flows from other smart devices. Indeed, as IoT becomes more pervasive, the role of personal mobile computing devices only becomes more important.


  • Those looking to invest in public facing IoT deployments should plan now to make use of personal devices as a communications conduit
  • Open programming and communications standards that allow IoT devices to communicate with multi-platform mobile devices will be the key to success
  • As IoT technologies become more pervasive, and interact more consistently with personal mobile devices, privacy issues will come even further to the fore – businesses should prepare for these issues before they even arise.