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Indoor Location Tracking and the Power of the Beacon

Think Tank - 11:35 am - 12:05 pm

While smartphones and tablets are inherently mobile devices, invariably the humans that use them do so indoors, and while these devices have tremendous connectivity capabilities, in many case those indoor spaces block cell signals and the ability to track the device, and ultimately, its user. As businesses more and more are seeking to deliver customized, personalized experiences, knowing where each individual with whom you wish to interact with becomes a serious impediment to achieving that goal. Beacons, however, offer real promise in not only being able to track indoor location to a very granular degree, but to go one step further and initiate a personalized interaction that enhances both user experience and operational efficiency, truly a win-win then.


  • Beacons are a low-cost micro-location based piece of technology that allow for short-range two-way communications
  • Beacons will be instrumental in delivering the personalized experience end users demand because they allow for persistent user identification and tracking
  • Beacons can also be used as a conduit to deliver that experience directly, sending information to devices, rather than just receiving it from them

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Indoor Location Tracking and the Power of the Beacon

Shop-Floor Computing and the Impact of Mobility

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