Mobility Summit | TBD | New York, NY, USA



Trends in Mobile Application Development

Thought Leadership - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

When it comes to developing mobile apps there are three clear directions that an enterprise can take – they can develop mobile web apps, they can develop native apps, or they can develop cross-platform apps. All three have pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses such that there is no definitive “right” or “wrong” answers, but there are certainly some developing best practices that need to be taken into account by any organization planning the rollout (or investigating the unsuccessful rollout) of enterprise mobile applications. Knowing the capabilities of the various development techniques, as well as the use case of the app is essential to making the right choice in development methodology.


  • Mobile web apps are often the easiest to implement, leveraging web developed web dev skills but generally offer the least satisfying end user experience
  • Native apps may feel like the Cadillac solution, offering the richest experience but come with significant cost (money and time) implications
  • Cross-platform apps allow for a dedicated per platform feel without the effort of developing for each device individually but this can lead to lowest common denominator design compromises